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Art Talk

New public art at Church St.!

The Public Art Planning Committee selected artist Ayokunle Odeleye to design and create artwork to “celebrate the rich history and reflect the diversity of the cultural heritage of Church Street welcoming everyone to a place of inclusion.”

Ascension to a Higher State of Being” was installed November 11, 2017.  The 30 ft. stainless steel sculpture signals a gateway, transition and connector to downtown.  4 concrete sculptures house metal plates with text selected by the community.

See photos here:

Gallery news: Vieno James, Marlowe Emerson, Staci Katsias

Transit Gallery artist Staci Katsias has been busy with the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio’s Assistantship Program!

Congratulations to Staci on her recent exhibition at Origin Gallery in Macarthur Mall!

STACI at origin cardSTACI at Origin gallery October

colorado images (2)

Vieno James’ exhibition “Glory” ended March 24th at the Offsite Gallery.  Some of his work is now off to the Gagosian Gallery and the Western Colorado Center for the Arts! Congratulations Vieno!

Read this Sept. 28, 2017 article about Vieno!


marlowe 2

Marlowe Emerson (Transit Gallery exhibiting artist 2017) just returned from a Residency in France! Be sure to sign up for one of her workshops in Virginia Beach!

See her website for more information:



Public Art NEA Art & Rising Tides project installed


On October 20th we dedicated Matthew Geller’s public art project “Upper Blush”. Swaying benches create a titling motion that directs collected rain water into a nearby rain garden.

The City of Norfolk received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town program to hire an environmental artist  work with urban planners and community partners to design and create artwork that responds to recurrent flooding.

Norfolk is the cultural, educational, medical, and business center of the southeastern Virginia region known as Hampton Roads. The City and area is renowned for its 400 year history, major military base, and shipping port.

Waterways are part of its success and charm but are also major threats due to recurrent flooding. According to The World Resources Institute, the Hampton Roads area is experiencing the highest relative rate of sea-level rise along the entire U.S. East Coast. The area is second only to New Orleans as the largest population center in the country at risk from sea-level rise. Norfolk is especially susceptible to flooding because the tension between flood water over topping banks and coming up through storm drains during high tides and rain water falling.  Tidal flooding is often exacerbated by wind speed and direction.

Norfolk was designated one of “100 Resilient Cities,” as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative and received a grant to build and expand our ability to rebound from adversity, both natural and economic. We are a forward-thinking city that is strengthening the infrastructure and preparedness of our low-lying coastal region for the flooding challenges we face today and moving forward.

See more pictures on Flickr:


“IMAGINE 5 POINTS” Norfolk’s 1st outdoor art gallery

We are pleased to announce “Imagine 5 Points”

Norfolk’s 1st outdoor art gallery on Sewells Point Rd.


Watch a video!

Congratulations to the following artists:

Elliott Addesso

Betsy DiJulio

Nancy Topping Bazin

Anne Bousquet

Mensah Bey

Joan Biddle

Aimee Bruce

Heather Bryant

Therese Cook

Shirley Cooper

Kim Morgan Cummings

Justin DeCou

Donna Iona Drozda

David Gwaltney

Andy Harris

Myke Irving

Robert Gusentine

Patricia Isenhour

Michael James

Nicol Jean

Christopher Kozak

David Lentzner

John Litz

Ryan Lytle

Emily Macon

Brianna Tew

Michelle Tillander

Virginia Van Horn

Maria Waldbaum

Catherine DelSandro Walsh

Keara Wilson

Dennis Winston

Denise Wright

Ja’lisa Yates

Sharon Pierce McCullough

Keith Oliver

John Roth

Bob Sites

Sharon Swift

Susan Tolbert

Eitan Stern

Ray Wiggins


Lead Artists Jenna Rodriguez, Stefon Penn and Christopher Kozak completed public art projects over the summer with students of Norfolk’s Emerging Leaders Program and Teens With A Purpose.   You can see Jenna Rodriguez’s project of plastic hands fabricated by NorvaPlastics with quotes gathered from travelers and a pedestrian mural along the retainer wall that stretches over a block (196ft.) at the Evelyn T. Butts Transfer Station (7607 Evelyn T. Butts Ave.).   Christopher Kozak’s mural “Fathom’s of Freedom” was installed in October on the Fountain Park Garage.  Stefon Penn’s mural has been installed at the entrance to the Young Terrace Recreation Center.

See Pictures here:


mural up high

Public artist Marc Archambault visits with NPS students April 2017



The public art school committee selected Asheville Stone Mason, Marc Archambault of Hammerhead Stoneworks to complete 5 projects for 5 new schools in Norfolk, Virginia.

Hammerhead Stoneworks was founded in spring 2009. Marc has worked as a mason, designer and project manager.  He mostly works in and around Asheville, but has done projects in Chapel Hill, NC, Rock Hill, SC, Atlanta, GA and Gainesville, FL.

Marc visited with students of Richard Bolling and Campostella Elementary School in April to gather ideas for the first 2 of the 5 projects he is creating for Norfolk public schools.  The first 2 projects are scheduled to install some time late 2017.  The last three will install in 2018.


Church Street public art project to be installed soon!

Concrete has been poured for the Church Street public art project being installed in the median across from the Attucks Theater.  Artist Ayokunle Odeleye will be in town soon to complete the installation.

Below are some photos of the beginning phase completed March 5th.

The Public Art Planning Committee selected artist Ayokunle Odeleye to design and create artwork that will “celebrate the rich history and reflect the diversity of the cultural heritage of Church Street welcoming everyone to a place of inclusion.”  The artwork will signal a gateway, transition and connector to downtown.  The final artwork will be inspiring, stimulate thought and conversation, serve as an example of creativity, and be captivating, lively and unifying.

Here’s a short video.

Watch a video ~ Ayokunle Odeleye: 32 Years of Public Art Artist Talk