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Ingleside Station – windscreen – Governor’s School for the Arts







Students from the Governor’s School for the Arts worked with Ingleside Elementary School students to create “Portrait of a Neighborhood“, a dynamic portrait of the Ingleside Neighborhood.  Third and Fourth grade students were asked to make portraits of themselves and their community in pastel and marker on paper.  GSA students then combined these drawings into 2 designs, sandblasting and hand painting them onto the glass panels.  It is the hope of the Governor’s School for the Arts that this art is a gift to the Ingleside community that reflects the vitality and creative spirit of its people.   

The design for the south side of the station has the actual profile of the tree that used to sit in front of the station. On the left side are silhouettes of two girls swinging (from a photo take at the community center) filled with vignettes of the students’ art to create a dynamic form to balance off the rather simple tree.  The design for the north side of the station uses the profile of a sycamore tree as a form to group more of the self-portraits in the upper branches, in a similar manner as the other design.  Background elements of a house and neighborhood drawings are represented in a playful and childlike manner.