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Lambert’s Point Community Center “Guiding Sails”

Installed October 2012

Koryn Rolstad created “Guiding Sails” in 2011 for the Lambert’s Point Community Center at 1251 W 42nd St., Norfolk, Virginia, 23508

Six post and sail structures depict the marine culture of the area. Guiding Sails is a focal point for the community, a neighborhood identity that supports the safety goals of the Community Center. Set in the landscaped center of a parking lot and waiting area, the installation provides a seating area for young people and seniors waiting for transportation. Dynamic colored LED lighting creates a lively nighttime environment.

The benches read:

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own. ~Ben Sweetland
Never a ship sails out of the bay but carries my heart as a stowaway. ~ Roselle Mercier Montgomery

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