Slover Library, LL40

235 E. Plume St.

Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 664-6854

Rhiza A+D Location: Harbor Park Amtrak Station

Installed February 2015

“Harboring Histories”

Rhiza A+D was selected to complete artwork at the Amtrak Station at Harbor Park.  3 sculptures were installed in February of 2015.  The artwork celebrates Norfolk not only as a business and transportation hub but as an arts and cultural destination. The artwork orients travelers and serves as a way finder between the train, the light rail, parking, the river, roadways and downtown. The artwork is enjoyed by train passengers, who often depart and leave at dark and is seen at all hours of the day by downtown commuters, visitors and business people from Richmond and D.C. Baseball patrons, pedestrians, bikers, runners, boaters and perhaps even travelers on the interstate who can also experience the public art.  Through this passenger train line Norfolk is directly linked to downtown Richmond and Union Station in Washington D.C.

Rhiza A+D designed three sculptures approximately 10’-12’ tall that represent the history of industry and biology in Norfolk.

A weathering steel sculpture represents the history of boat building and shipping layered like the outside of an oyster shell.   A perforated aluminum interior lining represents the inside beauty of an oyster.

A painted steel sculpture in the oval shaped median near the drop off lane at the train station.  It’s shape mimics the commonly-seen profile of large ships.  A railroad tress and oyster tongs support a reef like collection with RR signal lights and radar forms on top.

The third sculpture is made of aluminum and merges the biology of the Elizabeth River’s natural reef forms with Norfolk’s great shipping industry.

Signal Carrier snow_DSC9450A