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NEON District – Cementiscope

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Cementiscope by Glassitorium was installed in the NEON District in 2015

The Public Art Committee selected Glassitorium, a collaborative group of four individual artists who work at the Chrysler Museum glass studio to design and create artwork that symbolizes creativity and energy, connecting community in a fun, lively interactive way.  The four Glassitorium artists are Joan Biddle, Hannah Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Potter and Kristi Totoritis.  “Cementiscope” is  located on the corner of Granby St. and Olney beside the Plot in the NEON District.  The project incorporates a cement drum donated to the artists by the Titan Corporation.

The Downtown Norfolk Council describes the project:

“This sculpture by artist group Glassitorium pours the foundation for the NEON District with light and reflection. The cement mixer is the housing and viewing tool as a direct reference to all of the new construction and renovations happening in the area. The internal kaleidoscope is the perfect device to mix and reconstruct reality in dazzling ways.  Viewers interact with Cementiscope and are struck by the dichotomy of the concrete drum’s grounded heaviness and the kaleidoscope’s lightness, which is focused upward reflecting infinite possibilities.”