Slover Library, LL40

235 E. Plume St.

Norfolk, VA 23510

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Lead Artists Jenna Rodriguez, Stefon Penn and Christopher Kozak completed public art projects over the summer with students of Norfolk’s Emerging Leaders Program and Teens With A Purpose.

Jenna Rodriguez worked with students to create “Traverse” for the Evelyn T. Butts Transfer Station  at 7607 Evelyn T. Butts Ave.  Wood templates of hands were cut then fabricated in plastic at NorvaPlastics and stamped with quotes gathered from travelers. The hands were placed along the chain link fence surrounding the station at various heights.  A mural of pedestrians and animals in action completes the project and hangs along a retainer wall stretching over a block (196ft.).

Christopher Kozak worked with students to create ”Fathom’s of Freedom”, an almost 40 ft. tall mural created in honor of 100 years Naval Station Norfolk.  Installed in October on the Fountain Park Garage at 130 Bank St., the mural depicts various things specific to Navy Norfolk and the goddess Columbia to represent the concept of liberty and holds the North Star and Little dipper above.  Christopher surprised his grandmother with a portrait of her and his grandfather who was in the Navy and was stationed here years ago.

Stefon Penn worked with student’s of the Teens With a Purpose summer camp to create ”Be Active”, a mural of children at play, for the entrance to the Young Terrace Recreation Center.  The mural was installed November 2017.

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mural up high