The Eastern Virginia Medical School Public Art Planning Committee has selected Marc Fornes to create public art for EVMS.

The EVMS artwork will resonate with the EVMS brand, showing creativity, innovation and imagination. The artwork will be fresh, forward-thinking, expansive, clean, approachable, welcoming, clear and purposeful. It is hoped that the artwork will become an icon for the city as well as for the whole campus creating a notable sense of place.

Brambleton Avenue is a major thoroughfare not just for Norfolk but for the entire Hampton Roads region. An average of 31,000 cars drive pass this corner every day. The artwork will be located in front of the 11-story tower of Waitzer Hall.

This is the 1st $25,000 public private partnership project the public art commission has initiated totaling $350,000 with additional funding from EVMS. We continually seek private commercial developers who want to enhance their development project with public art. The Norfolk Public Art Commission will match up to $25,000 for each project. Contact for more information.

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