Note: Image above is a project Ken installed in Boise (see video link below)
Artist Ken McCall was selected to create artwork for Munson Park in the Park Place neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. Deeded to the City in 1910, Munson Park is a small neighborhood park the size of a city block surrounded on four sides by houses. The park is being renovated with new landscaping, a community garden, new backboards and paving on the small basketball court, and state-of-the-art playground equipment designed for children ages 5-12, including those with special needs (image attached). The entire park will be surrounded by a new waist-high PVC coated chain-link fence. Paths leading from each corner to a center concrete pad will remain (site plan attached).
The public art project committee selected Ken to create strong, bright, fun artwork that represents children, families, community, and the people that live in Park Place. The work will be thought-provoking and inspire viewers of all ages: children, teenagers, and adults.
The artwork will be large enough to be seen by vehicular traffic but also enjoyed by park visitors.
Take a look at one of Ken’s projects completed in Boise in 2016:

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