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From Whence We See

Through December 2, 2022 “From Whence We See”

“I am a mixed media artist whose style swings from realistic to suggestive, though always recognizable. I have a bone deep, squishy love for mythology & folklore which are perhaps my heaviest influences. It’s a rare piece that doesn’t hearken back to some old tale I’ve read. While drawing is my first love, the advent of the masks were the logical next step for things I want to portray, since I generally like my subjects to look back at the viewer. I love straightforward & clear imagery, pieces that can explain themselves right from the wall, or from a face, if that piece is a mask. I feel strongly that there is room & need today for the things our ancestors knew.” https://theartofjennhilliard.com
“The works in this exhibition serve to communicate a unity. A place where things come together. Yin & Yang. Adam & Eve. Duality (Plurality). Complementary things. Completion. Dissolve boundaries (or embrace differences & utilize the collective variety for universal harmony). To juxtapose apparent opposites & see, instead, the need (by design) for their coexistence. Right foot. Left foot. Man. Woman. Dark. Light. Tall. Short. Neither is truth, complete truth, while it stands alone. Pleasure. Pain. Certainty & confusion. Possible & impossible. Reality. Imagination. Let’s bring these complements together & truly maximize our potential. Truly reach the heavens. All the beauty in the world is the result of some compound. Orchestrated, embraced compound. The possibility’s always there. The reality we see depends on whether or not we allow the union. Allow the union.”

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10.28.2022 10:00 am
12.2.2022 8:00 pm

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Norfolk Arts
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Offsite Gallery
MacArthur Center, 300 Monticello Ave. Suite #287
Norfolk, VA 23510 United States
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