Public Art: Ballentine Blvd. Light Rail Station windscreen artwork “The Tide” August 2011
Citizen Artist Norfolk – Temporary Interactive Social Sculpture completed with Nicole Harp 2014

Mr. Garvin is a local artist, educator, and entrepreneur. He earned his undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University and later received a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Garvin began his career in education in the Norfolk Public School system where he was named the Most Outstanding K-12 Art Educator and, for eight consecutive years, received the Most Outstanding AP Scores in Studio Art. He served on the Advanced Curriculum Design Committee. In 2009, while still teaching, he began Knox Garvin Photography and Design. Mr. Garvin became a visiting artist/teacher at the Governor’s School for the Arts. He has also worked as an art instructor at the Chrysler Museum and at our own Norfolk Academy Summer Programs.

“What kinds of Artwork do you make?”

“Tough question. So two answers:

Answer #1: The honest, yet smartass sounding answer: I make stuff with whatever is around me and about whatever compels me.

Answer #2: Still honest, but more reflective answer: After doing answer #1 for many years, I think it is safe to say that what compels me are particular places and objects that seem to be palimpsests, their own history still written on them. Things like the agrarian Isle of Wight countryside slowly being erased by a Walmart strip mall mini-mansion version of hell, or the natural history hidden just below the surface of mossy tangles in the swamps of First Landing State Park. Or it may be, as in my most recent work, the hallowed halls of the Hermitage Art Museum and its connection to a few fading Lewis Hine photographs of little kids working in knitting mills.”

Knox Garvin's Artworks and Works-in-Progress

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