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Norfolk, Virginia, Norfolk, VA, USA



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The City of Norfolk, Virginia seeks to hire one, two, or three lead artists to engage with the community in significant ways to develop and complete separate, specific art projects.

The successful artists will have the skills to activate partners and the public, understand the community and develop a final artwork that will resonate with them. Candidates should have a demonstrated track-record of community-based work focusing on social practice, engaging communities with projects that have relevance through personal connections. A wide range of artistic methods, media, and outcomes are possible, including art installations, performances, music, publications, video, or storytelling.

This call is open to artists, artist collectives, classes, and arts organizations working in all disciplines: writers, composers, musicians, poets, choreographers, visual, digital, theatre, environmental, multi-disciplinary, performing, and those with a creative social practice. Candidates must have a professional and/or academic background in any of the following areas: public art, fine arts, mixed media, theater, music, urban design, literary arts, architecture, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, community development or other arts-related disciplines.

The selected artist must carry a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy naming the City of Norfolk as an additional insured.

Read the entire prospectus: ARTIST PARTNERSHIPS PROSPECTUS

Questions: karen.rudd@norfolk.gov or 757.284.8445


You should be able to join the meeting from the browser website.

Thursday, May 5, 3:00 p.m. via Webex

Norfolk Private Partnership Public Art Match: $25,000






Norfolk, VA, USA



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(Note: No Deadline, this is an ongoing opportunity)

The Norfolk Public Art Commission seeks to match funds to create Public Private Partnerships to create public art in Norfolk, VA.

CONTEXT: Public art is a valuable tool for creating dynamic and sustainable places. Art displayed prominently at locations within the community serves as an effective tool for creating unique and diverse destinations. Public art can also bring added texture to otherwise indistinguishable areas. Funded by 1% of the City of Norfolk’s Capital Improvement budget, the Norfolk Public Art Program has been successfully commissioning public art for the past twelve years in downtown, parking garages, the zoo, light rail stations, community centers and a variety of other public spaces.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We are seeking private commercial developers who want to enhance their development project with public art. The Norfolk Public Art Commission will match up to $25,000 for each project.

PROJECT SITE: Artwork must be placed within Norfolk city limits at the private development site where it can be experienced by the maximum number of people.

SIZE/MEDIA: Artwork size and materials will be determined by the project site(s). Artwork must be fabricated in durable, permanent materials that are safe and easily maintained. Artwork will become the property of the City of Norfolk and will be maintained by the City.

PROJECT FUNDS: The total budget for the completed artwork will be a minimum of $50,000 with $25,000 from City Public Art funds and $25,000 or more from the developer.

TO APPLY: All commercial developers and foundations are eligible. Please submit a letter of interest to Karen Rudd, City Hall, 810 Union St., Room 409 Marketing and Communications, Norfolk, Virginia 23510 or email karen.rudd@norfolk.gov. Candidates will be interviewed prior to final selection. There is no fee to apply.


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