Jim Gallucci has been selected to create public art for Fire Station #11 in Norfolk Virginia.

The new station will replace the second oldest fire station in Norfolk, VA, centrally located on Lafayette Boulevard in Fairmount Park.

Gallucci was selected to create inspiring, engaging, forward-thinking art that will make a strong statement and live up to the quality of the building design. The artwork will stimulate thought and serve as an example of creativity, be adventurous, and embraced by a younger generation rather than tell the history.

The artwork will tell the story of this safe, resilient neighborhood and be large enough to be seen by vehicular traffic but also enjoyed by pedestrians both during the day and at night.

Gallucci was interviewed along with two other artists by the Art Planning Committee and was unanimously selected to create the artwork for a budget of $125,000. This budget covers artist’s honorarium, engineering, fabrication, installation, materials, shipping, insurance, and travel expenses necessary to complete the project, project plaque, final documentation, and any incidental expenses. Gallucci will hire a Virginia licensed contractor to install the artwork.

Through his art, Gallucci brings a unique sense of self-expression while captivating the viewer. “Art is the physical manifestation of an idea or event that calls forth an emotional response from the viewer. It speaks to us and evokes a chord deep within us. Good art challenges us, can make us feel righteous, move us, soothe us, heal us and bring us peace.”

Jim visited Norfolk, VA and met with the Fairmount Park Civic League in February of 2023.

Jim’s gateway design was presented virtually to the committee and approved by the Norfolk Arts Commission on 11/01/23. The project will be completed in 2024.

The community has been invited to personally have a part in the project by participating in the creation of individual molds. We had over 40 attendees at our 1st event and all are invited to participate Saturday, April 13th, 1-3pm at Norview Community Center. All materials provided. All ages welcome.

The artist and his team will work with the community during a free and open to the public iron pour event on May 4th, 1-4pm at Norview Middle School which will result in a variety of castings that will then be assembled into a circular keyhole shaped gate. The keyhole symbol was selected as a metaphor for the concept of unlocking, discovery and new opportunities.

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