UPDATE 12/13/22: Mural has been decommissioned due to unrepairable wear and tear and safety concerns.

Located at the entrance to the NEON (New Energy Of Norfolk) Arts and Design District facing Brambleton Avenue at 711 Granby Street, the gateway mural was the first of over 30 murals now located throughout the popular corridor.

Elliott worked with 8 students of Norfolk’s Emerging Leaders program to create the 12′ x 40′ text-based mural on sheets of sign board that were later mounted to the exterior wall surface. Featuring various symbols significant to the area in celebration of Norfolk, Virginia, Elliott lead students through a process of careful outlining and painting. Upon close inspection you can find where students glossed various shapes onto the surface to give an illusion of depth. Ice cream represents Norfolk as the home of the original waffle cone created in 1904 at the nearby Dourmar’s. Mermaids have graced the City of Norfolk for over 20 years and the City of Norfolk is often referred to as the “mermaid city”.”757″ is the region’s area code, “23510” is the mural zip code and ships represent Norfolk’s many ties to the Navy. The Northern Cardinal is Virginia’s state bird. The rising balloon references sea level rising and the “rising” of a new time in Norfolk as the NEON District had just began to develop when the mural was painted.

Visit Norfolk website states: “With self-guided tours aplenty, Norfolk’s art scene is not to be missed. Everything from public murals to installations on local buildings have been designed for the city. The up and coming art scene throughout the city provides a platform for artists at all stages in their career, whether just starting out or well-established, to create public murals on local businesses showcasing the city of Norfolk. Any space, whether on a building wall, a house, a shed or even the sidewalk, can be transformed into a stunning display by local artists whose love for the city is obvious in the copious ties to Norfolk painted into every piece.”

Want to paint a mural in the NEON? Visit the Downtown Norfolk Council website to apply. They run a separate public art program from the City where artists with a design for a NEON District location can apply for a micro-grant of up to $599 for costs associated with the artistic project, such as design fees or materials. Once an artist has secured permission from the property owner, applications and a letter of agreement should be submitted to the NEON District Committee for review.
Property Owners and tenants within the NEON District boundaries may apply for a matching grant of the funds raised in support of a specific artistic project, up to $2,500.
The NEON District Committee accepts applications on a rolling basis. Artists and interested property owners can contact info@neonnfk.com for a slate of potential projects.

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