Offsite Gallery exhibiting artist August 4 – September 15, 2017, EVOKE

“My work focuses on introspection and relationships – contemplating existence in relation to the interior and the exterior. Through my abstractions of the tangible world, such as the human form, and representations of my own musings, I explore connections to self and more – focusing on the pensive, the subconscious, and the under–considered aspects of life. I create work with the intent of viewer participation, hoping the audience will consider their existences, relationships, bodies, or selves. Dualities exist within my work: self and other, geometric and figural, corporeal and ethereal, interior and exterior. Though not auto-biographical, my work is informed by personal experiences and thoughts. This enables viewers to consider and establish a relationship to the work for themselves. My goal is to provide viewers with an altered environment or situation in which to think.”


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