Selden Gallery “Chromatic Synergy” 2009
Selden Gallery “More Wallpaper for the Playroom” Sept. 5 – Oct. 10, 2014
Public Art: EVMS Light Rail Windscreen Artwork 2011

2022 Norfolk Arts, Adams Outdoor Advertising Norfolk Billboard artist

Screen printing and working with modular units in a variety of juxtapositions has been an important part of Clay’s work for many years. Clay received a Master’s of Fine Arts from Norfolk State University and ODU, a joint program with honors in 1999. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from ODU with a Minor in Journalism in 1993. Clay has taught at the Governor’s School for the Arts since 1994 and was an ODU Assistant Art Professor for 18 years.

For Clay’s Light Rail artwork “Getting on Your Optic Nerve” he describes the process:

His 2011 work involved creating optically charged images on clear and colored sheets of acrylic. These works are a continuation of an exploration into formal qualities of color, light, shape, and pattern, which he’s been building upon in his work since the early 1990’s.

Many of the mixed media installation works are multi-layered and lit from behind, further pushing the optical and hypnotic qualities by highlighting the incredible depth and luminosity. Ideas for creating these works came from an interest in Op art and experimentation with the properties of kaleidoscopes, tessellations and repetition of patterned imagery.

Clay started out by examining photographs taken until finding the right image or image fragment. He then manipulates the images on the computer to create positive films and transferable imagery. He screenprints, paints and transfers in a variety of vivid colors and orientations on multiple panels. Finally he collages individual units together on the wall to make interchangeable kaleidoscopic grids and installations. The intention is to use repetition of form, vibrant color and aesthetic distance in the large grids and installations so the works become hypnotic and entrancing.

Clay’s goal is to be visually intriguing and to figuratively assault the viewers’ optic nerves.

2022 Billboard artwork: Portal, Digital photography

A printmaking and glass artist, McGlamory has taught at the Governor’s School for the Arts for 28 years and was part of the Old Dominion University Art Department for 18 years. McGlamory was selected to create public art for the HRT Transit Light Rail Station in Norfolk, VA in 2011. With work in numerous public and private collections, McGlamory has also had over 30 solo and two person exhibitions at galleries to include The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia and Red Door Gallery. McGlamory has been included in over 200 national and international juried and invitational exhibitions. He is a master printer and also the founding director of Half Ass Press based in Portsmouth, VA.

Clay McGlamory's Artworks and Works-in-Progress

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