DeeDee Morrision was selected to create art with a sustainable solution for the Elizabeth River Trail/Larchmont. DeeDee plans to combine history, art and innovation in a community contest to create site-specific public art that fosters a unique sense of place.
The Larchmont portion of the Elizabeth River Trail is a picturesque transitional gateway. Heavily used by neighboring residents for exercise and as a gathering spot, it’s an entry point for the trail and features a parking area.
The artwork will be refreshing, welcoming, inclusive, contemplative and perhaps mystical. The proximity of the community library close by could inspire a naturalistic, humanistic or romantic theme.
The artwork could be placed anywhere along the trailhead running from the Lafayette River to Hampton Blvd. to the serene area behind the library. 13, 6’x2.5′ rectangular, like-new, concrete bases left from a previous public art project could be utilized. Artists have the option of placing 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional artwork on one or multiple bases to create a sense of movement, a journey or story-telling.
The project will be installed in 2020.

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