Artist Vinnie Bagwell of Yonkers, NY was selected to sculpt a realistic bronze image of Richard Tucker. She has added bas-relief details telling the story of Mr. Tucker and the neighborhood on the back of the artwork. The artwork will be placed at the front of the new building.

The Richard A. Tucker School will be the backdrop.
• Elementary-school children will be assembled in the middle ground
• Richard A. Tucker will be in the foreground*
(* Remembering that this artwork is allegorical not literal.)
• The Timeline**
1850 – Birthdate
1863 – Emancipation Proclamation
1924 – Death
1942 – Renaming of the school
(** Additional dates may be added)

The artwork will tell the story of the rich culture and history of Campostella and make a statement about the community and their contributions to society. The thought-provoking artwork will make a bold statement and both represent and connect with the neighborhood. The artwork will address history and the untold stories of the past while pointing to the future. Campostella has embraced STEM ideals in their schools and in this new library. The artwork will be pedestrian scale and created from permanent materials to stand the test of time.

The Richard A. Tucker Memorial Library Project Planning Committee members:
Derek Eley, Public Art Commission, Taylor Gould, Public Art Commission, Larry Johnson, Public Art Commission, Will Speidel, Recreation, Parks and Open Space, Irvin Ashburn, Public Works, Sonal Rastogi, Libraries, Dudley Colbert, Richard A. Tucker Library, Jamie Goldin, Neighborhood Development, Janice McKee, Lawrence Brown, & Kim Sudderth, Community Representatives and Jeannine Harkleroad, Artist.

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