Artist Wesley Clark of Hyattsville, MD has been selected to create bright, energetic pedestrian scale artwork that relates the stories of Huntersville, celebrating its rich heritage and history. Beautiful and meaningful, modern but not completely abstract, the artwork will stimulate thought and appeal to multiple generations and tell the story of this resilient neighborhood of people who speak for themselves, mentor their youth, and honor their elders.

The artwork will be made of durable, permanent materials that are safe and easily maintained, standing the test of time and the elements.

“As I am a strong believer in the power of art to activate and inspire innovative thought; I strive to build individual and collective community pride through my work. Consequently, I believe artwork that educates the public creates strong societal bonds that elevate lives and communities. Integrating public art into our everyday routine honors our leaders, inspires us to dream, and encourages us to work toward elevated futures; these tangible art experiences serve to remind us of our history, our leaders legacies, and the importance of community betterment and pride. While it is easy for individuals to feel disconnected from one’s community and from past events that helped shape it, I believe that creating conceptually accessible, targeted art inspires the public to be reflective; this foundational reminder is a vital part of keeping our community alive, thriving, and evolving. With this tenet in mind, I create artwork that engages a broad audience and reminds us that greatness begins at the root, with the people.

“The story of Huntersville is one that I, as an African American, am thrilled to learn of this history. Lately, we are beginning to hear more about neighborhoods like Huntersville which is unique through its multi-ethnic nature. A community where African Americans, Jewish, Asian, and Eastern Europeans lived, worked, and thrived, side by side in Virginia. This distinct story is worthy of honoring and elevating; I would appreciate the opportunity to do just that through an enduring artwork that upholds this facet of Norfolk history while providing a path for future generations to build upon.

It’s encouraging to see an increase in opportunities that unearth the untold stories of Black American and immigrant experiences / historical feats. The more we acknowledge these critical inflection moments the wider our lens/perspective can be of the past. Recognizing and embracing a fuller understanding of our American history truly unifies and heals our country. As a creator I enjoy learning about history and bringing it forth into our contemporary conversations — pulling out interesting parallels that we can relate to today. Historically, my art addresses issues faced by African Americans – merging past and present – to contextualize it for our lives today. Weaving details of historical narratives into public sculpture feeds our imagination and appreciation of the lives once lived. I am invested to develop a concept to honor the cultural diversity and history of Huntersville for all. This will be a lyrical sculpture that both tells this story and inspires our future, says Clark.”

Clark graduated in 2012 from George Washington University with his MFA in Studio Arts and received his BFA from Syracuse University. He has and is currently working on several historically significant public artworks.

Wesley Clark's Artworks and Works-in-Progress

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