From Harbor Park to Ocean View Beach and from the comfort of your car, see 16 public art projects created through the City of Norfolk’s 1% for art program. Add some extra time to discover more than 30 murals in the NEON district.
If you prefer a bike ride, it only takes about 30 minutes more (a 14.2 mile ride).


Here’s what you’ll see:

Harbor Park: 4 sculptures, 1 light rail windscreen
“Harboring Histories” by Rhiza A+d (includes 3 sculptures)
“The Pitch” by PACT
“Play Ball” by John Rudel

City Hall/Union St.: Mural
“Crown Shyness” by Navid Rahman

Fountain Park Garage exterior: Mural
“Fathoms of Freedom” by Christopher Kozak

DIAGONALLY FROM FOUNTAIN PARK GARAGE @ MacArthur Square: Interactive sculpture
“MetalMatisse” by Electroland

(Need a quick break? Stop in MacArthur Center & visit our Offsite Gallery (2nd Floor, Suite #287- Enter the MacArthur parking garage from City Hall Ave., turn right to park at S2 after you pull your ticket, park by the entrance and make a left after you enter and it’s just a few doors up)

NEON District: 1 mural & 2 interactive sculptures
“NFK Arts” by Elliott Addesso
“Upper Blush” by Matthew Geller
“Cementiscope” by Glassatorium

Have a few extra minutes? Make your way over to the Chrysler Museum and in the parking lot you’ll see several sculptures too.

Teens With a Purpose: 4 sculptures & 1 mural
“Garden of Dreams” by Clayton Singleton
“What’s The Word” by Richard Ward

Attucks Theatre: (sculpture in the median just outside)
“Ascension to a Higher State of Being” by Ayokunle Odele

Virginia Zoo: 1 sculpture
“All Things Within All Things” by Matthew Geller

Lafayette Park: 4 murals
By Allison Bachman-Webster

Wards Corner: 1 sculpture
“Wards Corner Gateway” by Gordon Huether

Ocean View: 2 murals
“Across the Bay” & “Cobalt Blue Summer” by Cecilia Lueza


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